How LiquidWeb VPS could save a few more dollars instead of dedicated server

How LiquidWeb VPS could save a few more dollars instead of dedicated server

A popular rider management company based in INDIA, used our technology expertise to build an android application. The android application was built with a regular backend and the APIs were to be kept on a server.

The customer were in the option of going for a Virtual Private Server( VPS ). The expectations set by the customer and the requirements set forth by the management were for a high configuration server and did not meet any servers available on the market.

As much as we could was to list the available options on the market. And a narrow study of list of Virtual Private Server providers in the market, only a few server companies offered a cloud based VPS with very high configurations and a live chat support which was one of our key criterion to choose the IT infrastructure company.

Our techies, did a thorough search of all available options with a list of our partners. Finally we were able to zero in on one of the good players in the IT Infrastructure market, the . LiquidWeb is one among the companies on the internet to provide high configuration plans with a live chat support and the servers were based in US data centers.

On talking about, LiquidWeb their VPS plans range from

Box title
  • 2 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 10 TB Bandwidth

and the range goes upto

Box title
  • 8 vCPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 10 TB Bandwidth

The above stated VPS servers are provided with LINUX Operating Systems. For the windows lovers, they provide VPS with window Operating Systems also but the minimum plan for windows moves directly starting from 4vCPU and 4 GB RAM.

Though, our point of idea is not to promote LiquidWeb or any of its services, we were able to give a well competent VPS Servers to our customer via LiquidWeb. There are 1000s or even millions of companies available wordlwide offering different range of VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, Virtual Cloud, Virtual Cloud VPS, Virtual Cloud Dedicated. Each and every IT Infrastructure company has its own way of providing services.

This article was written with an idea, as to how to choose the fitting IT Infrastructure company for varying IT infra needs.


a hefty price tag
price tag also matters

As far as pricing is concern, most companies provide monthly and yearly plans to their customers.

A few provide post paid services and few offer prepaid services. Both these payment types are collected by few popular payment methods like PAYPAL, Credit and Debit Cards. Although, Liquidweb is 100% prepaid, we were able to ascertain the fact that the company would be the right fit for the ride hailing company as there were no many other companies offering VPS with high value server configuration.

VPS Configuration:

When we consider about VPS configuration, let’s forget liquidweb for now and think about other companies. I can give a whooping list of companies offering VPS with configuration as low as 0.25 vCPU and 256 MB RAM to host the applications today. How the heck application runs inside these configuration, is upto the users view. We assume that these kinds of low volume configurations are used for development, UAT Testing purposes and may be even to deploy some start level apps with very low user base. But when we speak about VPS, we assume there are very less providers offering high configuration VPS and we assume only countable amount of providers offer these high value configuration. Its in most of the cases server companies advise us to go for a dedicated server or a cloud server if the expectations are for high value configurations.

configuration – millions options to get confused


support - our key decision makers
support – our key decision makers

One of the key decision makers in the VPS space is support that the VPS company offers to the customers. We often look for a 24X7 online chat or over the phone support for VPS. It helps the businesses maintain their application stability and gain trust of the end customer.

Almost, all companies offer 24X7 chat support and a few offering ticket support, email support. We would always prefer a 24X7 chat support. Many companies have different SLA in resolving issues. This is also a key to pick the best pie out of millions of providers.

Server Tier:

Just in case the server is located in a country facing a nuclear attack, the status of the application will be at large.

disaster - also plays role to decide the server company
disaster – also plays role to decide the server company

Data centers are split into four main types:

TIER – I: providing 99.671% availability, maximum of 1729 minutes annual downtime

TIER – II: providing 99.741% availability

TIER III : providing 99.982%

TIER IV: 99.995%

The above are few of the parameters which made us to go for LIQUIDWEB VPS Servers for the application. Please do not mind to share your experiences of VPS companies on the comment section below. 

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